How to Pay by Debit Cards at IRCTC for Booking Tickets

Whether or not one has online bank account access, everybody now a days got a debit card. PSU banks typically charge Rs. 50/year for MasterCard while for Visa private banks charge Rs. 100-150/year.

Not all of us know that we can use our own debit cards to make payment of tickets easily.

On average paying by debit card costs 10-12% less than paying by your online bank account(Netbanking). When I paid using my Yes bank debit card it did not cost me a penny.


Hardly any! And it is better than that of credit card! When you first time try to use your debit card online, now a days you'll need to create additional password for using your Debit card along with PIN number. That means without password nobody will be allowed to use it.

Debit Card Usage Procedure(using ICICI Bank Debit Card)

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Select Debit Card Tab

Debit Card Payment Options


Select ICICI Bank Debit Card

As soon as you select it you'll get this option to register your debit card:

Icic bank debit card entry form

I did all right but it still denied processing my card:


Icici bank card denied error message


Debit Card Usage Procedure(using Yes Bank Debit Card)

Oh I've Yes Bank Debit card but IRCTC does not support paying by Yes bank Netbanking. Frankly Yes bank is not mentioned anywhere in any payment channels IRCTC supports.

So I decided to pay by my debit card. So first I went to Debit Card tab as show above. Then I select "Visa/Master(Powered by CITI Bank)" as in the bottom most option under "PAYMENT GATEWAYS".

On clicking I'm presented this option:

Citi payment gateway for debit cards

I keyed in the debit card details which subsequently led me to this screen:


Since it is the second time I'm using debit card and first time I was already asked to create one SecureCode, I'm asked this time to enter my same SecureCode. Entering it correctly will immediately debit the debit card and book the ticket.

Easy isn't it!


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