AutoFill Captchas in IRCTC Registration Form - Save Your Time

We've released very useful Google Chrome Extension-Paid Captcha Fill which will automatically fill in Captcha during Tatkal hours also. Click here.

हमारा यह सॉफ्टवेर तत्काल पर भी कैप्त्चा भेरेगा

Sick of seeing the CAPTCHA while filling IRCTC ticket booking forms or any other non-useful form?

CAPTCHA at IRCTC ticket booking page

Dumb IRCTC Babus

Let me tell you how dumb IRCTC Babus are. Firstly the CAPTCHA presented by IRCTC is very simple and if it is meant to deter automated submissions, then they could very easily interpret this simple CAPTCHAs.

Secondly roughly 40% of our population is visually impaired or blind in one way or the other. This includes blind people. IRCTC does not care with what difficulty those people interpret these CAPTCHAs.

Captcha Auto-fill Tools

I want to tell you that using some browser tools, you can easily get the CAPTCHA interpreted and filled automatically!

Remember I primarily work on Firefox. All such free/paid tools are mostly made for Firefox.

Today I've looked up two useful tools and both work well on my browser. Both tools will interpret and fill the CAPTCHA automatically as the booking page is loaded saving your 10 seconds as well as removing your chance of error.

Tool 1 : Captcha Monster

As of today this runs only in Firefox. Installation is simple. Go to Download and signup for 1 month trial. Follow the instructions. Install it and then restart the browser.

To start it running go to Tools -> Add on -> Captcha Monster. Click Options:

Captcha Monster option

Enter trial registration details:

Enter login & password

Now see in the top right of your browser these options:

Captcha Monster menu

Go to any page with Captcha and then click "Solve Captcha!" - it'll automatically fill in the Captcha.

So for IRCTC form, as soon as you land on page with Captcha, just click it and start filling the form. By the way it automatically deciphers it as soon as you start filling the form.

Tool 2: Rumola

Looks like it is supported for Chrome as well. Just follow the instructions and you just need to install it in your browser and follow the instructions.

Whenever any Captcha is encountered after a couple of seconds it automatically fills in the Captcha. But you can also double click within the text box to let it know that it needs to fill in a Captcha.

=>If you have any comments or suggestion don't forget to leave them here below.

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