Trick to Save Money When Calling 139 for PNR status

Save Money when calling 139 trick

Well with 139, Indian Railways is definitely earning some money. Now a days even voice ads have been added to waste your time and money.

Let us see what is the fastest way to find PNR Status with 139.

Cost of calling 139

It isn't free. On BSNL prepaid it costs Rs. 1.2/minute. On Idea it costs Rs. 2/minute

Options Presented when calling 139

  • Welcome message in Hindi/English and Punjabi
  • Then some Railways informational message may be presented( bad weather etc)
  • Five options will be presented to know:
    1. PNR Status ( press 1 for this)
    2. Arrival/Departure of trains
    3. Accommodation/Availability of trains
    4. Fare Enquiry
    5. To book your e-tickets using Cash Cards and getting delivered at your email or couriered to your address
  • Assume no-1 is pressed
  • It will ask you to type in 10 digit PNR number
  • Then it confirms it by repeating it to you( to confirm press 1 or press 2 to cancel)

Do it fast

The fastest way is to get PNR status within 60 seconds.

The trick is .. let's say you've a 10 digit PNR number. As soon as any voice starts just press the desired option without waiting to finish it.

Here we go:

  • Dial 139
  • As soon as voice starts press 1( for Hindi)
  • As soon as next message starts press 1 ( for PNR Status)
  • Key in 10 PNR number
  • As soon as next confirmation message starts, press 1

So for Hindi just press: 1 - 1 - [pnr-number] - 1

So for English just press: 2 - 1 - [pnr-number] - 1

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