how to change mobile number in

Changing your default(registered) mobile number at IRCTC is not easy.


Please do it only if you don't have any tickets which need cancellation in your account. There is a chance that you'll lose your account given IRCTC's bizarre software behaviors.


  1. Login into your account
  2. Click "Update Profile" under "User Profile" in your left menu:

    Click Update Profile

  3. Change your mobile and press "Update" button in the bottom of page:

    Enter your new mobile number

  4. You're now logged out with this message:

    Successfully logged out message on pressing Update

  5. When logging again, you'll need to confirm your mobile number by entering the verification code:

    Enter verification code received in your mobile

If you were just trying with any random phone number then click the second link to change your mobile number and send the verification code to your new mobile number.

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