How to Book Retiring Rooms/Dormitory Online

From January, 2014 you can book retiring room online simply by using your ticket PNR.

Previously you'd need to go to Railway station.

जनवरी, 2014 से रेलवेज के प्रतीक्षालय कमरे/डारमेट्री या रुकने के कमरे अब आप ऑनलाइन घर बैठे ही बुक कर सकते हैं. आपको इस साईट: पर जाने की जरुरत है.


  1. Go to

    Start by entering valid PNR number to book retiring room

  2. Enter your valid PNR in which you might have already travelled a few days back. Press "Search PNR".
  3. You're taken to another screen, Click on"Book on Source" or "Book on Destination". If retiring room facility is unavailable then you'll be prompted.

    Select Book of Source/Destination here

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