Debit Card Charges While Booking Tickets Online at IRCTC

Don't get confused with your Debit card with ATM-Cum Debit Card here. Remember all Debit cards can be used at IRCTC but this list below is for ATM/Debit cards. For example it did not cost me anything when I used Yes Bank debit card(not listed here) to pay for my ticket. Don't forget to read the summary of bank charges here.

SNo. Bank Charges
1 Andhra Bank Rs.10 + Service Tax
2 Bank of India Rs.10
3 Canara Bank Rs.10
4 CITI Bank Rs.10 or 1.8% whichever is higher + Service Tax
5 ICICI Debit Rs.10+ Service Tax
6 Indian Bank Rs.10
7 Punjab National Bank Rs.10
8 SBI ATM-cum-Debit Card Rs.10
9 Union Bank Of India Rs.10
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