IRCTC No Session Expire Chrome Extension

We bring for you a valuable utility to help you while booking tickets in IRCTC account.

Note: This will work only on Google Chrome browser

Click to install this Chrome Extension


  • Auto fills login id, password, passenger names, age, birth preferences and ID Card Number
  • Fills in Captcha during non-Tatkal hours(except from 10-12 pm during Tatkal time)
  • Prevents the session from Expiry
  • Remove all ads from your page saving bandwidth and reducing clutter.
  • All flashy images and scrolling text is removed
  • Removes chances of making mistake in Name, Age, Phone number and Id Card type/number typing

Note: Captcha solving does not work from 10-12. Please don't forget to save your details after installing and clicking on the icon.


Free for all except for those using it for business purpose like agents. For them it is only Rs. 365/year. Please contact us here.


  1. This extension will work only on Google Chrome Browser and not on other browsers.

    Click on the image above or click here. Read the Chrome Extension install/uninstall procedure here.

    Make sure that you are reading this page on Google Chrome Browser

  2. Now click on this logo on the right side of the browser tool bar :

    Click to Zoom

  3. OR(if step 2 does not work for you) type "chrome://extensions" and look for "IRCTC No Session Expire". Click on "Options":

  4. Fill the details:

    Click to Zoom

  5. That's all. Now onwards when you go to IRCTC website, the extension will start working. Enjoy!


We welcome your feedback. Please contact us here.


  1. The Captcha resolving does not work between 10-12(Tatkal time) as Captcha is really hard
  2. Captcha fails on J,S,U and Y characters sometimes. Just click refresh to get new Captcha
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