Tatkal tricks to book your tickets very fast online

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Tatkal fast booking trick

  1. Have you computer/internet ready

    The Tatkal quota opens up at 10 am sharp only at IRCTC while it opens at 12 am at other sites like Yatra.com. So occupy your computer by 9.30 am. Check your internet connection open browsers and login into them from different accounts.

  2. Check IRCTC's current time

    When you login you can find the IRCTC server's time in the top right of the login page:


    rail server current time window

  3. Download Different Browsers

    Download & install different browsers on your computer: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera. Now have at least 3-5 IRCTC logins of your relatives ready. Login from each browser using different login name. Also from each browser open another window with IRCTC login page with your login and password filled in. So if your login in Firefox does not work then from this another Firefox window login again just by pressing Submitting button.

  4. Get a auto form filling software

    For Tatkal every second counts. Save your time by having your login/passwords and other details filled automatically by single click. On Firfox you can use free add-ons like Auto Fill forms. If you want to pay up to Rs. 1400- 2000 then you can buy a more professional version like RoboForm. You can now book like professional IRCTC agent. You can book Tatkal tickets quickly.

  5. Have Bank Account Ready - Never use ICICI Bank's account

    Use the bank account which requires minimum inputs. SBI and HDFC's are one of the best. Check the IRCTC payment gateway statistics and avoid using those banks whose transactions mostly fail. For example in this list you'll see that Rajasthan Bank's Netbanking success rate is only 39%! While ITZ Cash Card is has the highest success rate among all channels. Never ever use ICICI Bank account. You'll never be able to book a Tatkal using it. Avoid account of Yes bank because for payment it sends one password on your mobile which can get delayed.

  6. Get your train details ready

    Have ready the source/destination station codes. You'll need to click "Plan your travel" link to proceed. You need only max 4 characters station codes in it. Find the station codes from here. Mind you when you login, "Plan My Travel" is opened ready for you. Just fill the station codes in the "From" and "To". Select Date, Ticket Type and Quota(Tatkal here). Click "Find Trains" button only after 10 am sharp.

  7. Avoiding Session Time out in IRCTC login

    Learn to avoid session time out This is real time saver if you can avoid session logout.

  8. Save your time by auto-filling the Captchas

    Does this Captcha bother you? Then read on auto-filling Captchas for visually impaired.

    IRCTC ticket form Captcha

  9. Enable Right Click For Faster Copy Paste

    Learn how to easily enable right click in IRCTC without affecting anything else. This can really speed you booking tickets.


  1. You can login only single account from any browser. Use different browser for different login
  2. IRCTC may not allow you to have accounts on same names. Instead create new accounts in the name of your friends/relatives. Also regularly use you dormant IRCTC accounts to view/book tickets once in 2 months otherwise IRCTC is suspending such idle accounts.
  3. Mind you Quick Book is disabled for Tatkal in the morning. Don't use it.
  4. Never click a link twice. IRCTC site will give error and you'll need to relogin.
  5. Reload/F5 may be used only once if your request has not reached IRCTC computer servers. Say when you pressed Submit and at that time internet was disconnected then, safely you can retry form submission after reconnection. Otherwise your login session will be closed by IRCTC.
  6. If the network is very slow wait for some time ( 4 minutes). Never press refresh or F5. Rather login into the same account again from IRCTC login page by opening another window of your browser.
  7. Since lacs of people are trying to book at the same time so the site response will be very slow. But wait for at least 4-5 minutes before you re-login into the same browser
  8. Always wait for the page to load completely before you press any buttons. Check the browser status bar or other places of indication of page load.
  9. After you've made payment if your site does not load while redirecting to IRCTC in 5 minutes then press F5 only once. Sometimes this will work.
  10. If you've made payment then if you've set SMS alerts in your bank account, then you'll get SMS in your mobile about the payment.
  11. If your payment is made but disconnected or page did not load for ticket confirmation, then immediately check your e-mail id(given in IRCTC login) and see if you've received any ticket confirmation e-mail from IRCTC. Don't use Rediff e-mail accounts since it may delay e-mail notifications by couple of minutes. Also check booking history in your IRCTC account.
  12. Have somebody sit beside you to oversee the details you fill in since in hurry it is very easy to make mistake and lose precious ticket.
  13. Right clicks are disabled in IRCTC site while you fill the form details. Learn this trick to allow you to right click.
  14. Don't do copy paste of values as it may create problems in IRCTC site while filling form details.
  15. The best way to get Tatkal ticket is to go to Railway station early( before 8.30 am) and be first in the queue and get the ticket from the counter . Getting from online is more like a lottery for most of the trains. Learn here the procedure to book Taktal from Railways counter.
  16. Learn how to come out of "Transaction being processed/redirected" message if your page hangs after payment.
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my journey date is oct

my journey date is oct 19th
when tatkal booking wil be open for me???????
pls reply frndzzzzzz

It will be open on oct 20th.

It will be open on oct 20th. Don't post silly questions here.

WL Related


I booked two tickets ticket for Aug 1, 2012 from Kumbakonam to Virudhunagar. I booked this ticket on 1st week of June. That time it came with the result WL 31/WL32. Till now its in the same status. Is there any chance that this tickets get confirmed? or Should i book Talkal ticket? When can i check the status of these tickets?

I booked it through online...

Help me with this pls..

New tips for 10 am Tatkal bookings

Dear Admin,
your suggestion were much helpful for Tatkal bookings at 8am as I have to travel a lot. I could manage booking by 8:10 am most of the time.
Now the timings are changed and more prelogins will be there as per new timings of 10am. What would you suggest now? Thanks in advance

Trains before 8:00 am

if my train is departing from station at 7:00hrs 19th June, is it possible for me to book tatkal ticket on 17th June 8:00hrs as tatkal counter opens.. help pls..

SMS complaint regarding non availability of water in moving trai

I would like to know the sms no. for making complaints in moving trains under NCR. As thru inernet I could get a no.8121281212 where I sent a complaint of no water in the compartment S7 in 18110 Muri Exp. moving towards Kanpur. To my surprise I got reference id no. 1302231340301 but not more than that and thanks for complaint but it was south central railway no. Is there any centralized no. for all zones or specific no. for NCR and NR where I travel most frequently.

Non receipt of Tatkal Ticket

Dear Sir,

On 16th May'2012, I had to go Kerala urgently to attend a marriage. On 15th morning I reached a Railways booking help centre near C.P.Colony, Morar, Gwalior at 4:00 a.m. At that time my position was 6th in 'Q'. Ticket booking started at 8'O clock. Before me most of the people private ticket agents. In the hands every agents, there were 4-5 forms and Rly.official was receiveing all the 4-5 forms from each agents, without any fear of public (Vechara Kya Kar Sakta Hai). Railway are clearly mentioned ' agents are not allowed till 10'O clock in the morning'. What is the use. Finally my term came and the Rly.official told me 'No Room' in all the trains to Kerala.

And second day I also got my 'Tatkat ticket' very easily after paying Rs.300/- per head to one agent. What is the purpose for common man by this type 'Tatkal' sytem, eventhough Railways are not increasing fare in budget? Sir, please increase the no.of trains. Allow special trains poor man like me. Less no.of trains are the main problem for us.

Dear Sir, I got information from people that in night hrs.Local police made a surprise check up & arrested few agents around 1:30 a.m. But it is not sufficient for the poor common man like me. There should be a police in duty atleast 2 hours from 7' O clock during the vacation timing. And also allow only those people, who are holding their own identity. This is only suggestions. Remaining are in the hands of you sir.




Return of train fare

I booked a train ticket in Rajadhani to travel from New Delhi to Bhubaneswar on TATKAL on 13th may 2012. The ticket was booked in counter by swiping the ATM card. While booking the ticket it was waiting list 16 and at the end it left with 6 and the ticket was not confirmed. I asked the same to TTE and he said the money will be returned to your account as you have taken the ticket against your ATM. Today when I asked in N-Delhi Railway station, they said you will not get back the fair back neither in your account or in hand. This money is with Railway department and it will not paid you in any case. The PNR no is 2335074149, the date of journey was 13th may 2012. Please confirm me.

Unless otherwise you go back

Unless otherwise you go back to the counter and cancel the ticket you wont get the money back.. note u need to carry the ATM card as well... My only suspense is that in normal ticket counter the tickets will not be booked against any ATM card.. i m little surprised.. anyway go the any counter and cancel it...

i have to travel alot... even

i have to travel alot... even after following your steps , i can book a ticket after 30 minutes....its alot of time for tatkal ticket....i need something that book my ticket in few minutes.....can anyone help me????

Tatkal ERS prints Not showing all seat numbers

I have booked tatkal reservation for three passangers first ones ID given. And I got confirm tickets. As per PNR status All 3 are booked and seat no. also given but While taking ERS prints Only First ones seat no. showing and rest only names and seat no spce is blank. Why this happened can anybody help.

I have booked an tatkal

I have booked an tatkal ticket but money got deducted from my SBI a/c and the page got stuck while redirecting back to IRCTC.
So i even did checked my email but didn't got any ticket.
SO i booked the ticket again successfully.
SO please help me in getting back my previuos payment which i made but ticket not booked.


after one week refund your

after one week refund your cash back happy

Mukesh, if your ticket wasnt

Mukesh, if your ticket wasnt booked, you will get the amount refunded in your account automatically within 2-3 working days. Else, you can check with your bank for the same.

ERS not recieved time out

I have booked railway tickeat from Shornur to Ramagundam. on 18.01.2012, money deducted by sbi account I check my mail but not recived ticket now yet

millions operating at the

millions operating at the same time.. something should be done about this..:/

Tatkal opening timings

Indian Railways should look at having different timings based on regionwise or class wise or zonewise for opening Tatkal tickets to avoid unnecessary load on to the server. A gap of one hour between the slots will improve th situation considerably.


why the hell all train open at 8 am only ? why cant they open tatkal 24 hr prior to dept..say train is 3PM tomorrow then tatkal opens only at 3PM today and not fu****g 8 AM.

I agree with you, this way

I agree with you, this way the load at 8 am will be reduced ...but it will be a problem for those class who do not have the privellage of the net and have to vist the counter, this is the reason Tatkal opens at 8.

about tatkal reservation

i have read many comments above from the public and i also found the same
difficulty .But above that iam not so far clear when we go to irctc site for reservation we found waiting list but when we reach to the train on journey date .we found lot of seats vacant This is not one time but somany times.Now i tried to findout reservation for Nagpur inspite of there is good quota from nagpur todelhi but still i didnot get seats from hyderbad to nagpur -very strangeful
really this is correct solution that everyday railway authority depute policeman and sometime railway master takes the round as stated by above people to understand performance of their workforce . if ticket counter person takes 4-5 form at one time ,the concern person should be taken by the policeman.
further everyday the posted policeman should be chnage and also ebery month counter baboo means rotation .Railway authority can give such policenan AND COUNTER PERSON on duty some bonus .there are so many other ways to eradicate such trouble to general public.now i have decided better to travel by bus even if its 20hrs journey .hope railway authorities will think on it .this is our request with the railway authority as it is systme failure