Booking Tickets

How can I avail Lower Berth Quota Online at IRCTC?

To avail Lower Berth Quota online at IRCTC you should make sure to enter only single male/female name with qualifying age. For a lady it is 45.

I've forgotten login/password of my account and I want to cancel the tickets?

Without login/passwd you can't cancel the tickets as if allowed, anyone will cancel other's tickets.

Money deducted but ticket not booked, what to do?

Login into your account, and click the booked tickets. Click the following image and check the red circled links in your account. If you find your transaction then it’s fine otherwise also you’ll get a refund which may take 10 days or so. In the mean time don’t close your bank account or credit card which you’ve used to make payment.

How to get an unused & fresh number for registering at

If you ever lose your SIM, it is often easier to go for a new SIM as it costs less than a Rs. 50. Moreover filing FIR with police isn't a easy affair, given the cost of bribe.

I'm a Foreigner, how can I book ticket online?

You need Indian mobile number to open account with so that you can book E-Tickets online.

What the Cancellation of Ticket Rules of Indian Railways?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

Cancellation and Refund of E- Tickets

The electronic reservation slip cannot be cancelled at any regular counter of the Railways. The electronic reservation slip can only be cancelled online.

Cancellation Before Charting

Am I required to carry proof of Identity during journey in AC Classes?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

Anyone of the passengers/the passenger booked on the tickets issued from computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and internet (i-ticket), undertaking journey in AC-3 tier, AC-2 tier, 1st AC, AC Chair Car and Executive classes, have to carry anyone of the nine prescribed proofs of identity (in original) during the journey and produce the same as and when required failing which all the passengers booked on that ticket will be treated as without ticket and charged accordingly. The list of valid proofs of identity are as under:

How do I find out the current status of my unconfirmed ticket?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

You can contact the Reservation Enquiry Counters at your nearest Computerised Reservation Centre or call the Interactive Voice Response System, available at major stations. Remember to always quote the 10 digit PNR Number indicated on the upper left hand corner of your ticket, to find out the current status.

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