Aam Aadmi Tatkal Software Version History

Version 15.34 Released. 15/March/2018

  • Freecharge problem corrected
  • Olamoney payment added ( SMS will come)

Version 15.29 Released. 25/Jan/2018

Now Aam Aadmi Tatkal version 15.29 will show you automatically these details in the Passenger Page:
  1. Date of Birth
  2. User id
  3. Email id
  4. Mobile number

Only once in life you need to save the profile data. To do so during anytime except between 9:30-11:30 am go to Profile page and press the Save profile data button.

अब आम आदमी तत्काल 15.29 अपने आप ही Passenger Page पर ये सारी जानकारी दिखाएगा:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. User id
  3. Email id
  4. Mobile number

इसके लिए जिन्दगी मैं सिर्फ एक बार प्रोफाइल के पेज पर जा कर उसे हमारे सर्वर पर सेव करना होगा! ये काम 9:30-11:30 am को छोड़ कर किसी भी वक़्त कर सकते है!

Version 15.28 Released. 22/Jan/2018

  1. HDFC Debit Card issue solved

Version 15.12 Released. 27/Nov/2017

  1. ITZ payment gateway(Powered by ITZ) added

Version 15.9 Released. 30/Sep/2017

  1. Canara Bank netbanking now working
  2. NLP captcha for login page support added
  3. Senior citizen prompt in the passenger details page hidden

Version 15.8.1 Released. 20/Sep/2017

  1. Canara Bank Debit card & HDFC Bank debit card problems solved

Version 15.7.1 Released. 03/Sep/2017

  1. ePayLater and PayonDelivery added in Banks. Please use them for fast booking.
  2. Senior citizen problem at 8am booking solved

Version 15.6 Released. 05/Aug/2017

  1. ICICI credit card session expired problem solved.
  2. Airtel money fully added. No otp comes
  3. Axis debit card now working
  4. Now type NLP captcha in small letters and press Enter to submit

Version 15.2 Released. 06/June/2017

  1. ICICI credit card 15 minutes OTP entry supported added ( check options in ICICI netbanking). अगर आपने 15 मिनट मैं कोई ICICI क्रेडिट कार्ड का otp निकला है तो इसका अब इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं!
  2. ITZ Easy support added
  3. IRCTC time will be more accurate
  4. Bank of Baroda login problem solved
  5. In ICICI credit card first page only bank stop payment will not work. अब ICICI credit card के पहले पेज पर bank stop payment काम नहीं करेगा!
  6. In case of some error it will immediately take you to IRCTC login page with "Sudden Logout" message
  7. In IRCTC Ewallet, option to resend OTP added. IRCTC Ewallet अब दूसरा otp भी भेज पायेंगे
  8. It will now show tickets booked by you in your login when you login. For this please login at 4 minutes before Tatkal time or after Tatkal time. If this option not useful then this will be removed. अगर आपने कोई पुराना टिकेट बुक किया है तो वोह भी दिखायेगा! इसके लिए या तो 4 मिनट पहले लॉग इन करें या फिर तत्काल के बाद लॉग इन करें!

Version 15.1 Released. 26/May/2017

  1. ICICI 3DSecure pin entry now working
  2. Airtel money session expire problem solved
  3. HDFC Netbanking issues solved
  4. A-P debit card security letter autofill support added for ICICI Netbanking

Version 14.4 Released. 16/May/2017

  1. Advanced Mode introduced( Please call to know how to use it)
  2. Airtel money fully working now; OTP will come
  3. In Powered by Paytm now IDBI & ICICI netbanking working

Version 14.2 Released. 9/May/2017

  1. Oxiygen wallet added
  2. SBI debit card problem fixed
  3. HDFC card netsafe problem when using Powered by Paytm fixed

Version 13.6 Released. 26/Apr/2017

  1. Itz cash added(but not fully working)
  2. Bedroll option for Garib Rath added

Version 13.5 Released. 14/Apr/2017

  1. Powered by Paytm with multiple bank support added
  2. Support for SBI netbanking without OTP added(with Stop in Last Step)

Version 13.4 Released. 6/Apr/2017

  1. Prevent too fast captcha option added in SBI netbanking

Version 13.3 Released. 1/Apr/2017

  1. Bank debit card captcha problem solved

Version 13.2 Released. 28/Mar/2017

  1. Same as 13.0 version except for captcha problem is now solved

Version 13.1 Released. 28/Mar/2017

  1. Same as 12.1.8 version as captcha not working in 13.0

Version 13.0 Released. 22/Mar/2017

  1. Now get Removed Banks Information from Options as well as in the IRCTC website
  2. Paytm login page problem solved

Version 12.1 Released. 15/Mar/2017

  1. Support for adding multiple bank accounts added
  2. Support for SBI current account added
  3. Paytm scan option added

Version 11.12 Released. 02/Mar/2017

  1. Canara Bank Netbanking Added
  2. Kotak debit card added
  3. Union Bank IRCTC Prepaid card added
  4. Also from now onwards Firefox version will also be supported. / अबसे firefox भी हमेशा रिलीज़ किया जाएगा!
  5. Autoclick next button in HDFC credit card support added

Version 11.1 Released. 7/Nov/2016

  1. Syndicate bank added

Version 11.0 Released. 22/Oct/2016

  1. Support for broadcast messages added
  2. Federal bank OTP clicking solved
  3. Andhra Bank with OTP not filling OTP when Stop at Last Stop -- Solved

Version 9.9 Released. 21/Mar/2016

  1. Axis Bank Credit card netsafe added
  2. Axis Bank netbanking added
  3. Aam Aadmi On/Off problem solved
  4. Import/Export problem solved

Version 9.2 Released. 20/Feb/2016

IRCTC website is now made very fast in Aam Aadmi Tatkal

New Netbanking Banks Added

  1. Karnataka Bank
  2. Federal Bank
  3. Corporation Bank
  4. Vijaya Bank(No OTP coming)

SMS Ticket berth is now coming

Aam Aadmi Version History

कॅप्चा बैलेंस के लिए Rs. 225 का रिचार्ज करें: http://www.bookrailticket.com/webstore

To recharge captcha balance please pay Rs. 225 at http://www.bookrailticket.com/webstore

Version 9.1 Released. 11/Feb/2016

New Netbanking Banks Added

  1. IDBI
  2. OBC
  3. Union Bank of India
  4. Bank of Baroda
  5. PNB
  6. Central Bank of India
  7. Bank of Maharastra
  8. Allahabad Bank

New Credit Card Options Added

Please use HDFC Credit Cards without OTP or IDBI Netbanking for fast payment

कृपया HDFC क्रेडिट कार्ड या IDBI नेतबंकिग का इस्तेमाल करें जिसमें OTP नहीं आता है!

Credit cards are very fast.

New version 8.8 released on 15/Jan/2016

IDBI Netbanking Added

Now you can get OTP and use it for full day. Also bank charges are NIL for booking ticket.

Also print ticket will be small and will save your paper and print toner.

IDBI नेट बैंकिंग अब जोड़ दिया गया है!

एक OTP आप पहले से निकल कर पूरे दिन चला सकते हो. और बैंक के टिकट का शुल्क भी 0 है!

टिकट प्रिंट के लिए अब छोटा होगा और आपका पेपर और टोनर भी बचाएगा!

New version 8.7 released on 13/Jan/2016

Captcha Filling in Debit cards

Currently all debit card are working

50% of Captchas are filled by Aam Aadmi Tatkal free of cost for you in Chrome Browser. In rest 50% it will solve captcha now onwards by sending it to our Computers in America which will cost same as Simple Captcha.

It will fill captcha with 100% accuracy. If not please let us know and we will correct it.

Bank of India captcha will never be filled.

Please keep Captcha Balance for remotely filled captchas.

Remember in Login, Passenger Details and Debit Card captcha, as page loads, your mouse cursor will land in the captcha field, there after typing you can simply press Enter key to submit the form.

To recharge captcha balance please pay Rs. 225 at http://www.bookrailticket.com/webstore

डेबिट कार्ड मैं कॅप्चा भरने के बारे मैं!

फ़िलहाल सारे डेबिट कार्ड रहे है वो भी जो नहीं चल रहे थे कल!

50 % प्रतिशत डेबिट कार्ड के कॅप्चा आम आदमी तत्काल ब्राउज़र मैं आपके लिए फ्री भर रहा है! बाकी के 50 % अब वो हमारे अमेरिका के कंप्यूटर पर भेज कर जवाब मगायेगा जिसका आपको Simple Solution के हिसाब से पैसा कटेगा!

बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया को छोड़ कर सारे डेबिट कार्ड मैं 100 % प्रतिशत की शुद्धता से कॅप्चा भरेगा! नहीं तो हमें ये बताना न भूलें!

इसीलिए अब कॅप्चा का बैलेंस जरूर रखें

याद रखें लोगिन, Passenger Details और डेबिट कार्ड के कॅप्चा के पेज माउस का कर्सर कॅप्चा के अंदर आता है और Enter की के दबाते ही सबमिट हो जाता है!

कॅप्चा बैलेंस के लिए Rs. 225 का रिचार्ज करें: http://www.bookrailticket.com/webstore

Click here for product information

Version 8.5 Date 4/Jan/2016

IMPS option added. OTP to be generated before ticket booking.

Version 8.4 Date 3/Jan/2016

HDFC Netbanking now working. OTP will come.

Also "No autofill & Autoclick for this bank" option is added if selected then in bank page Aam Aadmi will not do anything and you only need to fill and click. Use this option in case any of our banks are not working.

HDFC नेट बैंकिंग को ठीक कर दिया है! पर OTP आएगा अब.

अगर को बैंक नहीं चलता है तो "No autofill & Autoclick for this bank" को ओन करें और बैंक के पेज पर आप खुद ही फिल कर क्लिक करें!

Version 8.3 Date 2/Jan/2016

ICICI Netbanking Added and OTP will come

ICICI का नेट बैंकिंग को डाल दिया है और आपको OTP डालने की जरुरत पड़ेगी!

Version 8.2 Date 23/Dec/2015

नयी चीजें

  1. अब पक्की लोअर बर्थ बुक करिये
  2. SBI मैं ऑफलाइन OTP का सपोर्ट
  3. बटन दो बार क्लिक करने से बचें( Next और Make Payment पर)

New Features:

Version 8.0 Date 18/Dec/2015

नयी चीजें

  1. अब citibank को छोड़ सारे डेबिट कार्ड चलेंगे
  2. पहली बार गलत कैप्त्चा होने पर दूसरी बार 6 सेकंड ही रुकेगा
  3. अब 8 बजे भी तत्काल चलाइये
  4. टिकट कन्फर्म होने पर आवाज
  5. Primium Tatkal के समय टिकट का किराया बड़े अक्षरों मैं दिखाता है
  6. SBI online OTP का सपोर्ट
  7. Stop at first step of bank payment नया डाला है! ये उन Netbanking के लिए है जो एक बार दो ब्राउज़र से एक ही एकाउंट मैं लॉग इन नहीं करने देते

New Features:

Version 7.2 Date 30/Nov/2015

HDFC Netbanking OTP bypassed. HDFC नेट-बैंकिंग अब OTP नहीं पूछेगा!

Version 7.1 Date 29/Nov/2015

Autostart during Tatkal

Premium Tatkal maximum ticket price feature added

Bell when it reaches the payment page

Version 6.3 Date 19/Nov/2015

Resend SMS for SBI added

Clear all details button added in Passenger Details form

HDFC debit card detection corrected after the debit card site was changed

Version 6.1 Date 7 & 8/Nov/2015

HDFC Netbanking & Axis debit card supported.

New Features

Autoclick in Passenger Details

It will automatically fill the captcha and click the button after right time( eg 25 seconds during Tatkal). Now you can start and go for tea. It'll do the rest.

Stop in Bank Payment

If you select it then the Aam Aadmi Tatkal plugin will automatically stop in last step of payment. For example in HDFC debit card it has two pages. So now it'll try to fill captcha(if selected) and move on to second page and wait for "Pay" button to be pressed. This will help you do booking for same ticket from different computers.

Try to solve captcha(in Bank debit cards)

If you unselect it then you will need to enter capcha everytime otherwise it can try to solve and submit the form automatically.

Version 5.6 Date 01/Nov/2015

HDFC & ICICI Debit Card supported.

Please see ICICI Debit card is fastest as it is not asking for captcha.

SBI Debit Card Most Recommended, then HDFC Debit Card

For HDFC & SBI Debit cards sometimes you need to fill the captcha. Please type quickly in lowercase/uppercase and press Enter.

Bank Selection Page

If the seats are not available in Bank Selection Page then it will stop.

Errors shown in Top

In case of errors by IRCTC they will show up immediately

Captcha in Add Passenger Details

Total captcha delay in submitting form whether or not you refresh the captcha is 15 seconds during Tatkal.
  1. Full Support for HDFC Credit cards without OTP
  2. Axis Bank Credit Card
  3. ICICI Bank Credit Cards
    1. Option to select confirmed lower berths while booking
    2. SBI Offline OTP Support
    3. Save yourself from clicking Next and Make Payment buttons twice
    1. All debit cards( except for Citibank) now supported
    2. On Invalid Captcha after 17 seconds second time wait is 6 seconds.
    3. Now tatkal mode include 8am time also
    4. Sound when ticket is confirmed successfully
    5. Price highlighted when booking Premium Tatkal
    6. SBI Online OTP Support
    7. Stop at first step of bank payment option added