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Version 15.34 released

  • Freecharge problem corrected
  • Olamoney payment added ( SMS will come)


Captcha Rate 23 paisa/captcha

Simple / Advanced Captcha की कीमत अब २३ पैसा है हर captcha की. Simple mode का इस्तेमाल न करें पैसे बचने के लिए

Version 15.33 Released

Paytm autofill working now

Captcha improved

Captcha Working

Captcha is now working. Remember now Simple Captcha is same as Advanced Mode. Both will cost 15 paisa/captcha. For more accurate result please select Parallel Mode to 4-6.

Don't Use MobikWik

Mobikwik Added

Don't use MobikWik as it is asking 2 OTPs

MobikWik अब दो otp पूछ रहा है

15.31 Version Released : Profile problem solved

Please save all profile details with new 15.31 version. Some profiles were not saving. But now all profile saving will work with all IRCTC account.

Today many account logout problems.

Aam Aadmi Tatkal 15.29 version Released

Please call for help: 8958042951, 8751050010

Version 15.28 Released

  1. HDFC Debit card problem solved
  2. Airtel Money not working. We are working on it


IRCTC closing many accounts!

Version 15.27 Released

Version 15.27 Released

Male/female + passenger problem is resolved now. In case of problem please select "Skip Passenger Details Page" option.

Aam Aadmi Passenger Problem

All passengers names are not getting filled. सारे यात्रियों के नाम नहीं भर रहे है!

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